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Taking it to the Movies: An Interview with Bangs

Sudanese rapper, Bangs, has been an internet phenomenon since putting his videos on YouTube last fall.  In total, the videos for his songs “Take U To Da Movies” and “My Special Girl,” have had around two millions views on YouTube.  “Take U To Da Movies” has even spawned a series of cover versions; among them are a ” target=”_blank”>Screamo cover, an” target=”_blank”> acoustic cover, and even a ” target=”_blank”>techno remix or two.  Responses to Bangs music have been highly polar, ranging from fans that love him, to the always-present ” target=”_blank”>haters.  However, Bangs has been gaining momentum with his first album Hard 2 Be Up, and has a second LP in the works.  He has regularly been performing live at clubs in Australia, and recently even took the stage at their Big Day Out festival which features artists like Girl Talk, Lilly Allen, and The Mars Volta. Continue reading



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