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Viva Italia! An Interview with Ofelia Dorme

Someone unexposed to Italy may only think of scenes from The Godfather and music from an Opera as reference, but anyone who steps foot on Italian soil could find rock bands break out original material and Kinks covers like it’s nobody’s business (have witnessed this first-hand).  However, Ofelia Dorme could come as a pleasant surprise to anyone.  The Bologna based rock band has a minimalist style combined with a depth of sounds entrenched in prog rock.  Lead singer Francesca Bono delivers concise vocals with cunning precision over moody soundscapes that rise and fall like audio recorded inside a stormy dream.  Instead of imitating music imported from abroad, Ofelia Dorme aims to create their own export.  They have a self-released EP titled Sometimes It’s Better To Wait, recently played gigs in the UK, and have several more European shows lined up.  When put in contact with Ofelia Dorme I was immediately interested in finding out what’s happening behind the scenes because of their home country, ambition, and most importantly the music.

Q: Tell us a little about how you all met, and decided to start the band Ofelia Dorme?

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Interview: Korey Dane

(photo by: Zach Corbin)

Korey Dane hail from Long Beach, California and play an infectious blend of acoustic driven songs with powerful vocals and engaging lyrics.  They have a familiar, classic feel, yet are refreshingly new.  Think of it like you poured yourself a drink and dusted off an old 45 to find a lost record nobody has heard before.  Led by singer/songwriter Korey Dane, this six-piece band also includes the charming voice of Tess Shapiro, Alex Medina, John Garbutt, Tyler Juarez, and David Beltran.  Korey and Tess are both great vocalists who combine so naturally that it’s hard to ignore their obvious chemistry.  Korey also has a real knack for songwriting, reminiscent of some artists who wouldn’t be fair to mention because he could give them a run for their money.  Last year they independently released the album For the Kite Flyers and have been steadily gaining a following.  We contacted Korey to ask him a few questions and he was happy to answer them.  Among other topics we discussed their music, what’s in store for the future, and he recommended some cool things to listen, watch, and read.

Q: Korey, how long have you been making music and what influenced you to pick up a guitar for the first time, then eventually start a band?

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Taking it to the Movies: An Interview with Bangs

Sudanese rapper, Bangs, has been an internet phenomenon since putting his videos on YouTube last fall.  In total, the videos for his songs “Take U To Da Movies” and “My Special Girl,” have had around two millions views on YouTube.  “Take U To Da Movies” has even spawned a series of cover versions; among them are a ” target=”_blank”>Screamo cover, an” target=”_blank”> acoustic cover, and even a ” target=”_blank”>techno remix or two.  Responses to Bangs music have been highly polar, ranging from fans that love him, to the always-present ” target=”_blank”>haters.  However, Bangs has been gaining momentum with his first album Hard 2 Be Up, and has a second LP in the works.  He has regularly been performing live at clubs in Australia, and recently even took the stage at their Big Day Out festival which features artists like Girl Talk, Lilly Allen, and The Mars Volta. Continue reading


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